And then came a new time of day…

And then came a new time of day…

I guess I’ll just say it. I’m now a part of the Blogozine crew of amazing bloggers and you can find my blog on their network!

The seconds before I’m surprised with winning, that’s Lisa sneaking up on me thinking I’m just posing for my sister!

Blogozine was started in 2013 by Lisa Sjödahl and is both a network and a online magazine. It focuses on storytelling and the people in each story, may it be within sustainable fashion, beauty or lifestyle. Therefore it’s extra fun to also get to write for the magazine as it’s fashion and interior editor!

This year I made myself a promise which I don’t think I’ve shared with anyone(?). The promise was to say no to more things I’d normally say yes to and say yes to few things I’ve said no to in the past. Just a few. I wanted to see where it would take me and I’m so happy I’ve done so because even though I might have lost some people and things I’ve gained so much more. Self worth and understanding of it. It’s really a magical thing, kinda like peanut butter and jam. The fact that I’m allergic to nuts have no relevance in this resemblance!

Well I’m looking forward to this fall and hopefully soon I’ll have more news to share but for now let’s prepare for fashion week and long for the weekend.

Celebrating with churros!

My bags & shoes are from New Yorker in Kista C, trousers from Nelly & glasses from Firminio Stockholm

All photos are taken by my sister Awa who organized the whole surprise revelation together with my friend Samira and Blogozine.


Ps. This post was supposed to be posted last week but due to various reasons I never managed to publish it.

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