Bff or at least in book shape

Bff or at least in book shape

Did a photoshoot with my friend Thobias this summer for a book I was asked to be in. It’s about friendship and the book was released not long ago. I’d definitely say Thobias will be my friend for as long as I live!

Elin has done all the interviews for it and Rickard has taken the photos.

As you can see we did the shoot in my apartment and I must say it’s starting to look very photogenic. Done three shoots here this spring/summer alone!

I gave Thobias his copy at my birthday party, thought it be the perfect day to hand it over to him!

I really like the book and the thought behind it. It’s also very cool to have been asked and now have our friendship forever captured in a book! Who would you have done the book with if you could be in it, and why that person? I’d love to know so as always feel free to dm me on Instagram!


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