Breaks are good for you!

As some of you may have noticed I’ve taken a little break from publishing both blog posts and in my Instagram feed. The reason to why is very important and it’s due to my health. I’ve struggled writing this post as I don’t know how to express my emotions and mind.

Therefore I instead advise you to read this post by the coolest person ever!

The following is a short draft from a sms I sent to friend the other day. I was having a panic attack and couldn’t focus. It’s in Swedish but please do use google translate to understand in your preferred language.

”När jag väl kom hem var jag så trött att jag somnade en stund och fortsatte sen göra klart allt inför idag. Va helt klar och la mig för att sova men det gick inte. Inte ens musik llr sömntabletter hjälpte. Kroppen fick ingen ro och jag tänkte att jag ska kolla lite på tv för att bli trött men satt bara och bara grät och stirra in i tvn utan att förstå ett dyft. Från ingenstans va klockan över tre och då fick jag ännu mer panik och ångest. Har under natten somnat och vaknat med panik om och om igen. Hade bokat en tid med psykolog efter min resa men ska till akutpsyk nu och se vad för hjälp som kan ges.”

I’ve realized that getting inspired helps my health, I need to see and talk to creative people and specially women.

Three women that inspires me. Maryem, Patricia and Therese!

Right now I’m in Uganda for a trip with Not for sale ale and friends. It’s been everything I needed it to be without knowing what I needed. Make sure to keep an eye open for my upcoming videos on YouTube, click here to go there. And go to my Instagram for cool photos and stories from my trip so far @iamayshajones or click here.

One thing I know now is that after this summer I’m going to work and interact on a every other day basis. Meaning I’ll rest a day between work. I’m also going to get a phone that I’ll use for private calls etc so that I can switch off the one with all my social media and so on. I have heard lots of influencers do that and I’m starting to understand why.

If you’re going through a though time do reach out to your family and friends but don’t forget to also contact a doctor that can help you overcome your challenges.

Keep rocking and you’re awesome!


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