Face boosting for magic moist & glow!

Face boosting for magic moist & glow!

Ok so I’ve been skipping my regular face care routines since beginning of summer and my face is officially unhappy with me for it. Therefor I just did a new face care routine that I’ve been doing for two weeks now and my face is finally coming back to it’s flawless self!

My goal was to cleanse my skin, reboost it with moist and glow. We tend to forget that cleansing and moist is the key to a great skincare routine and fresh look.

Here’s what I’ve been doing once a week, add lots of water and rest to the mix and it will have you looking like scmoney in a heartbeat.

Gentle peeling

As most, if not all, products from Rosenserien this peeling is ecological and based on the super plant Aloe Vera. I like the fact that it’s so gentle and soft on the skin. A perfect peeling product to start off with as it activates your skin without stressing it!

Deep cleansing clay mask

A favorite I haven’t used in a while in this clay mask from Rosenserien. It has just enough scents for me to be able to use it without feeling it’s too much. Recommend use is once per week.

The smooth sugar scrubs from L’Oréal

I’ve written about these before if I’m not mistaken. However they’re must haves in my “emergency detox” routine.

Soft peeling that soothes dry skin, softens it as well as gives the skin a magic glow! Who doesn’t want or need that?

Hydra lagoon overnight mask

“The one night product I’ll never change”, quoting myself from earlier this week on my Instagram! However this overnight mask with niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and malachite can also be used as a quick fix mask anytime of the day. The mask stimulates the skins collagen and boosts those tiny lines whilst giving your face a smoothing touch and a glow that lasts a whole day! I’ve actually stopped using night lotions and serums due to it.

Start me up sheet mask

The new sheetmask from one of my favorite skincare brands Acasia is loaded with active charcoal and retinol. One thing I love about the Acasia sheetmasks is it’s design, it makes you really feel as if you had a face lift. It both cleanses the skin, refines pores and gives an enchanted elasticity and glow!

Revolution eye gel

The bags under my eyes aren’t Chanel so they need to be gone!

The Noxi doxi rye gel is a two step gel which boost those bags and gives you back faith in humanity at once. I’d say that the brand itself and the products they produce is a statement for the environment and how we damage Mother Earth which also causes our skin to be damaged. The brand has an anti pollution skincare range with everything from face mists to lotions of various kinds. I love them, and the revolution eye gel is a favorite together with their detox makeup remover!

Let me know if you do try it and what effects it had on you.


Ps. I’ll tell you more about this baby soon

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