Flawless makeup needs flawless skin!

Flawless makeup needs flawless skin!

Don’t fool yourselves babes, without a skin on fleek no makeup will look good and most importantly stay good throughout the day! This I learnt from my teachers at Makeupstudion makeup school, which may I say is the best makeup school in Sweden. I might be bios but hey, aren’t we all sometimes?

I’m always complimented for my flawless skin but do you know how I prep my skin?

I did a interview yesterday (I’ll share it once it’s out) and we came to the conclusion that I got about 40 products, give or take some, that I use on a regular basis. I know it’s sick. All though I love those products it’s definitely not necessary to have all of them, my setup consists of various serums, day creams etc. because I like to use different brands products depending on how my mood is. You however, you can do great with just one pair of each item. Saves you a lot too!

Well this is what I do, pre-makeup that should last an entire day that is.

1. Wash off with a soft peeling scrub and makeup remover. Quick wipe off with a micellar water.

2. Face mask. Right now I’m trying out a mask from Kiss NY Pro with active charcoal. My favorite however is the ones from Acasia but they cost more so I only use them for special occasions.

3. Serum & day cream. I’m a sucker for Idun minerals skincare products in general and they’re my to go to brand but right now I’m mixing it up with another wünder product the heavenly drops & extra loving cream from Palina.

4. Face mist. I love to use Rosenserien’s rose water for this part!

5. After all of this sometimes I spray a bit of NYX settingspray or I just go ahead and apply my makeup.

One thing I do know is that my makeup does last long, for example in these photo I’m wearing yesterday’s makeup & it still looks very natural and ok.

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