Flera paket kom lastat…

I’ve been so spoiled during my birthday month that I can’t stop smiling about the wonderful wishes and gestures from the amazing people around me. I really went all in for my birthday but not in a material way or as me and my girls say ”boujee on a budget” haha! However my people showed that I’ll always be well taken cared of and they got me simply by taking their time to travel, wine & dine with me and send me their kindest words of luck & love!

And yes, lots of gifts too. Still gotta love those haha!

This lovely package came from Carina and I love the fact that she printed this exact photo of us because it’s one of my favorites! It has three of my favorites from Rosenserien and one product (the soap) that I haven’t tried yet but will try starting next week.

I also got this amazing selection of goods from Katarina! I just can’t get over the fact that she managed to select nail styles that I actually like AND the luxurious tanning kit from Vita liberata! I used one of the lashes all ready so it’s not in the photo.

I’m so lucky to have people around me that knows what I like and takes their time to celebrate me on my birthday! I think everyone that follows me knows that I really love birthdays but only the closest knows why!

Other things I’ve got for my birthday was a kit with essentials every woman needs such as under-wears, socks, gloves and more. I also got a cute water bottle, a bottle of Moët, two limited edition Ciroc bottles, another bottle of champagne, very posh marshmallows and chocolate, flowers, a ringlight, seeds with a lovely poem, a new phone and a very luxurious self care kit with goods from Rituals. A birthday trip, party at my favorite hotel Downtown camper, a couture turban from Happy turbans and lovely drawings from my kids! I’m sure I forgot something because I’m still overwhelmed with all amazing gifts and wasn’t prepared for all this to be honest. I normally never get gifts so this really caught me off guard.

The only thing I haven’t had yet is birthday cake but I guess it’s too late for that right it’s a month after my birthday after all!

To all my lovely friends and family, thank you all for these gifts. I’ll use them with care and you’re all very special to me. With or without gifts in hand!


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