Heard you wanted more!

Ok so I asked my followers on Instagram if I should post shorter post but more regularly and they said yes. Are you one of them? If not fix it by clicking here!

I’m I the only one with a love for Snapchat filters?!

My fave filter atm, see more on my Snapchat @aysha.jones

Anyways, these past few days has been so intense with fashion week and then a unexpected huge job opportunity for me as well as my oldest trying out a new medicine. However I’m alive and well, so excited for Saturday’s event that I’ve been honored to arrange with and for Vänsterpartiet Botkyrka. Not to mention the crazy work flöw (no typo, I’m being cool!) I got right now!

Want to know why I said yes to this booking? Check out my Facebook page @iamayshajones!

This week my goal is to get shit done, with that I mean everything that I’ve been running from fixing for so long. I’m just gonna do it and I sure will look fly doing so. Why? Well the below photo explains it all! Thank you darling Rebecka for sassing up my brows like this, I’m beyond happy with the result and looking forward to getting my makeup done by you soon!

First time plucking my brows!


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