Malta vibes, join me!

I’m entering a new way of living life. I call it do whatever you like and everything that scares you type of living! It’s really refreshing and most of all freeing, highly recommended.

One of my do whatever you like shenanigans is my birthday trip to Malta that’s coming up pretty soon. I don’t think I’ve spend a single birthday away from my kids ever. And definitely not in the past 7 or so years as my youngest also has his birthday the day after me and up to now I could never imagine not being here for his birthday! Or any of my other kids birthdays either. But I’ve gone through so much this summer and my whole body and soul needed a reason to get away for a while on something that won’t be just work. So I forced my friends to join me on some shenanigans in one of my favorite places, Malta!

Photo taken by Katriina Mäkinen in Malta

To see more of my time there I suggest you follow my stories on Instagram as I won’t be blogging those days.

Well look at this fancy hotel (yet so affordable!) we found on who also owns the photos!

Have you ever been to Malta? If not I recommend you go at least once! Should you be there during the time I’m there then do slide in my dm to get invited to our birthday fun, I’d love to meet as much cool people as possible. That’s when I’m not chilling by that fancy pansy pool or drinking bubbles on our balcony!


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