Not to cool to go back to school!

Not to cool to go back to school!

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End of august means a lot of things. End of a month, beginning of my birthday month (could be the most important meaning if you ask me!) but also the return of routines that comes with school and work. I love those routines, they’re much needed for a family like mine.

Another thing it means in my home is back to school and work shopping, for clothes, calendars and everything else! Therefore I was so happy when my kids got to chose a pair of shoes each from one of our favorite shops Deichmann to wear for their first day of school. And they looked fab! I’m guessing I don’t need to tell you which shoes are now their favorite ones to wear for this fall right? Go to my Instagram to see some more photos of the shoes they picked out and which ones I got for myself!

Need some new shoes for school or work? Do have a look at Deichmann, they really do have a broad selection of high quality shoes including lots of known brands. I love the fact that my boys found several pairs which didn’t need tying, perfect for them as they struggle with tying laces!

Thank you Deichmann and Red & square.

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