P without the square, not so much…

P without the square, not so much…

“If you do me I do you”, we all remember the lyrics to the hit song that set the two brother off for international fame and introduced them to all radio stations and big arenas in every corner of the planet we call Tellus.

Real fans will remember their sound rip offs of Mase, Dru Hill, Nelly etc, if you’re not one let me clarify. In 2003 the brothers, Peter and Paul dropped Last nite: reloaded with most tracks sounding like old school Dru H. With an Nigerian accent off course, the (only) charm of it that gave them pass for releasing such a crappy album. Thank God they found their own sound circa 2007 with the album Game over leading to other hits such as No one like you, More than a friend and Roll it. Even the follow up album was lit with classic track Story, Bizzy body and Chop my money with my former client Akon (yes I get to say that after doing just one tiny mission for him!).

Enter the dragon. Sorry. I mean enter the P Square who gave the world afrobeat and made the international market interested in what the continent had to offer. Publicly I mean because we all know African culture has been looted for decades with no cred given to its rich creative history of music, dance, beauty, design and more!

P Square is undoubtably top five of Africa’s most famous artists in modern time and most of their shows as a group has been to the fans amusement. The two Ps have seemed to be two humble hardworking men, respectful of their fans and liking their privacy so much they’re never seen in tabloids or talked off if not in terms of their music. No major public scandals or fans asking “wtf”. I like that. Oh yes off course there was that time they stormed out of a show. However that tantrum was legit and honorable. And when Rudeboy was accused of fathering a child he didn’t claim as his. But yes they did that.

Then comes chocking news of the brothers splitting up. Let’s be real, the first thing we all wondered was who will get to go on with the “P” and secondly what happened. Turns out the P of Paul will not be used as he had also made a name for himself as Rudebwoy. So the other P as in Peter, who’s also the reason for me as a hardcore fan to be pissed right now, is rebranding himself as Mr P. Only to flop before his solo career even kicked off, major fail of a rebranding tour. The brand manager in me cried and is still crying!

Photo by Eric Mg & Ac55Network

Photo by Eric Mg & Ac55Network

Photo by Eric Mg & Ac55Network

The event was canceled the day before it was supposed to take place with the show attracting people from all corners of Scandinavia (dare I say Europe?!) the panic must have been immense and horrible to deal with. I think that lead to the arranger claiming Visa issues was the reason why. Many speculations occurred and those who don’t know of past bookings of the organizers will claim financial aspects lead to the cancellation. According to me the visa issue was a neglecting error of the artist’s management causing them to not have all documents in order for a visa approval. That’s IF the visa was an issue I mean. (Note: just before publishing this the arranger made a statement that confirmed my thoughts with the visa thing). I know it’s not financial issues and I refuse to believe it’s arrogance of the artist and his team. I refuse.

Moving on. The show was moved to June 29th in another venue, one of my favorites, Event-huset. Here comes trouble number two for the organizers in terms of this booking that also set me off the roof causing this crazy long post!

As suspected most fans where missing as they did Mr P, what he did them by not showing up to his first scheduled show. He and his management should have expected that but perhaps they are new to showbiz (just speculating as Mr P threw in the towel over disagreements over prior management which is said to be the cause of him parting ways with his brother). The arranger however is not and they knew the fans would be m.i.a so they booked a smaller venue and didn’t do much with the promotion this time. My only feedback to them is that they should have lower the ticket prize and “die once” (old Gambian saying) as those massive funds put out was impossible to regain after canceling the first time. This rescheduled show should have been about keeping the peace with the fans. The artist should have given back some of the few taken from the arranger to compensate for their mistakes with the first date. This was not done by either part and that was their only wrong if you ask me. I think had the fee been maximum 250kr people would have attended just for the good fun not even caring about weather or not Mr P performed. Let’s be honest, he has a handful of solo tracks and that’s me being kind because I haven’t heard a single one but I’m once more thinking that to go on a tour you need at least an ep or something like that. Am I wrong? Because I know he’s not going to allow his brother to be on playback for any P Square original tracks as if we (the fans) would stand for that!

Photo by Jenny Malm

Photo by Jenny Malm

Anyways back to the show, sorry stage appearance. He was hours late for sound check, only to arrive and force everyone in the team to wait outside because he couldn’t rehearse with us minding our own businesses like dolling up the models for the fashion show by Miryam Moli of African Queen or setting up the place for his performance.

Then he was late for the actual stage time and the few fans that attended was highly entertained by live music, dance, fashion show and so on prior to him spoiling the fun. We all had major fun until everyone understood the diva was in the building refusing to perform. He first had a conversation with the arranger and his team then left the building only to come back in few minutes later and give an excuse no one heard a word of because when you lie your voice shake, and his voice was shook. He suggested a ratchet meet and greet whereas his management forced people, that only entered the room to help friends with a photo of Mr P and themselves, to take a photo with him. It all was over in max ten to fifteen minutes and then I just couldn’t keep myself so I started chanting “not ok”, “no P without the Square” and “buuu”. Because someone had to let him know and to my surprise I was joined by few others.

If you don’t believe this then here’s one post of the arranger you can read by clicking here. Or you can just ask anyone that was there whom has a little bit of experience with event organization.

My thoughts on this whole solo ordeal?!

Both brothers needs to go back to listening to their own songs such as Superfans and Story. In them lies lessons they themselves wrote and wise advice for them to listen to. In it lies their manhood, their pride. Their African dignity that took them far and wide. The Nigerian honor, class and bombastic reputation which has made all African artists wishing to have a Nigerian “collabo”. The fans is owed. The arranger is definitely owed. But most of all, the brand P Square is owed. Because mark my words, the separate brands of the two Ps are worthless outside the square. I said it and I said what I said and I meant it. Feel free to chip in your own two cents in the comments below or on my Instagram @iamayshajones, reach it by clicking here.


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