Planning & winning, how was your weekend?!

Planning & winning, how was your weekend?!

Oh I’m super excited about telling you all this because I suck at keeping secrets as you all know by now. Few weeks ago I entered a competition on Instagram organized by the social platform Blogozine. They were giving away the prize of a lifetime and I who normally never enters competitions swallowed my pride and gave it my best shot even though my answer reveals a heavy reality I felt I needed to share it in order for them to understand I desperately needed to win. Not for my own sake but for my kids. My sister and Samira (whom I also have the podcast with) planned the perfect surprise revelation of the fact that I won! What did I win?! Go to Blogozine on Instagram to find out, click here to be taken there!

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the week, Sunday, which means planning and family brunch. I really hope we can keep this up and get together every Sunday or at least every now and then.

On Sunday’s I plan my week and create most content for my social medias. I just recently bought a calendar that’s amazing and will really help me pinpoint my goals each month. I’ll show it to you soon as for now I gotta go to bed!

My three planning tips

  1. Make it a fun task by planning in a place or room that you like

  2. Let your interactive week start on Tuesdays that way you all ready know what’s coming for Monday morning and can leave that day for admin work

  3. Don’t overdo. Make sure you get enough rest and if you feel extra creative or energetic one day you can always do spontaneous meetings

Three tools I use for planning

  1. A actual old school calendar, however a very nice one which makes it fun to plan

  2. Colorful pens & post its

  3. Music to set the phase and keep the energy high

My top three places to sit & plan

  1. Espresso house, basically any one by specially the one in Kista close to the library and the one at Stureplan near Friday’s and Lagerhouse.

  2. My home office. When it’s not a mess that is!

  3. My balcony in the summers, I just looove it!

How does your three top three look?


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