Spa day with Idun, photobomb

Spa day with Idun, photobomb

I woke up today feeling very relaxed and blissful. Thank you Idun dream team for a wonderful day and congratulations to the new product range, great step!

Idun is launching a whole new product category for all genders within haircare. The new products are as always vegan, dermatology tested and the hair products are free of sulfates. However the hair products have a minor scent to it for the freshness feeling. The range consists of shampoo and conditioner for volume & care as well as for repair & care, hair mask and a leave in treatment (my wigs will love this I’m sure!). Not bad for a launching kit!

For the makeup parts I’m extra excited as you can read in my previous post and the reason for it is that is the tinted day cream Len. You can find out why in the said post from yesterday.

And for the skincare part these are the news: facial oil serum, moisturizing face mask, face scrub, lip balm and a gentle face peeling.

Wow, I wonder I hope the CEO gives my girls a raise because they’re working hard and achieving greatness with the products! I’m so happy to be able to try their products and I haven’t found a single one I don’t like yet even if not all are my tone the products as such tend to be impeccable!

Well enjoy the photobomb from yesterday and let me know if you try any of the news. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them and specially the tinted day cream!

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