The lessons of a narcissistic selfie!

The lessons of a narcissistic selfie!

I know that this will sound super shallow but bare with me, ok? Keep reading. I’ve been at my lowest low this summer. Emotionally and with my health that’s.

I realized people I care about only cared about what I could do for them and that those closest to me would think twice to leave me “high and dry” as the saying goes.

I’ve found myself in my own vomits, blood, passed out, worn out, intoxicated on alcohol and frankly just out of my senses.

Yet I was the most I’m touch with myself, my feelings and my entire being at this period too. I’ve never cared as much about me as when I totally stopped caring. Meaning, when I stopped chasing imaginary unicorns and took the horses for what they really are. Horses. No unicorns, no glits and definitely no glam! When I started killing my darlings, reorganizing and prioritizing people, things and goals in my life. All this I actually “realized” by looking closely to all my selfies from past years. It sounds a bit crazy I know but this is kind of what I learned from “studying” my selfies.

• My eyes tells it all. My mood, my state, my everything.

• Everything is better with a bit of makeup and the infamous Snapchat filter. You know which I mean!

• My lips are really dry which means I need to be better at drinking water. Hydration is key right?!

• I can’t fake a smile, not irl or even for a photo there’s just too much #realness in me.

• My selfies are better when they aren’t selfies. Because not everyone is good at taking selfies and I’m blessed with extremely good selfie photographers around me!

• Most likely a perfect selfie means I’m not doing well and that’s why I exceed in anything that can keep me occupied.

Do you think I’m reading too much into this or that I’m on to something? Feel free to tell me either in the comments or on my Instagram. I’d love to hear your take on this regardless if you agree or not!


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