The pressure of press week!

The pressure of press week!

So we just ended a fabulous press week here in Stockholm and I must say it feels rather awkward to run around to different showrooms and brands events because it’s something I did a lot of starting up like 14 years ago and left because of the way people handled their happenings. Meaning the lack of diversity. No sugarcoating!

Not much has changed but it’s gotten a little bit better. There are still some who refuses to see the major wins in targeting a broad range of people. However there’s those who thrive to the occasion both in invited guests and execution of their press days. These are this seasons favorite press events.

Red & Square

The firm handles brands like Diechmann, Espirit, Naim Josefi and more. They’re always attending to each guest themselves, mingling and encouraging one to feel at home with a glass of bubbles and delicious snacks. No wonder why everyone gets stuck there longer than intend. I also love how they don’t crowd the showroom with brands and products which allows you to really take in each brands news and ask about them without stress!

My favorite items from their press day:

Let’s face it

Most of my favorite products are from brands they represent such as Idun, Real technique, Eco tools, Wet n Wild etc. Their newest brand is the Wild nutrition from UK which offers a food based nutrition pills with a little extra focus on the female needs. I’ll write more about them as soon as I’ve tried the products because they seemed very interesting and like something I need!

Here’s a few shots from the Wild nutrition luncheon. I’ve all ready posted, twice, about the Idun news. Hope you read those if not do so now.


A Swedish brand I actually grew up with but stopped using later on out of reasons I can’t remember. They hosted their press day at the luxurious hotel Diplomat in central Stockholm and you know I love myself a good hotel suite party & Isadora did not hold back on the glam factor! Everything was perfectly planned and executed with the awesome makeup artist Martin himself offering full glam face beats & presenting the news.

Last but not least I loved the press breakfast at Juno PR for Swedish CCS.

Juno PR has mastered the art of hosting a fabulous breakfast event and even though I do love my sleep I don’t feel salty when they ask me to get up and be active early morning. Everything is always flawlessly matched with the setting, table decor and of course the presentations! I love the fact that they always manage to snatch the young and modern PR reps to their teams and they have an eye for how to make awkward bloggers like myself feel comfortable.

CCS is Sweden’s and UK’s leading brand for foot care products and their launch came jam packed with knowledge (love it!) and products to try. I’m trying them out after the Glamation gala and off course I’ll share my two cents here later on.

I’m exhausted from being so social everyday for a week and been sleeping it off most of the days this week. Hopefully after the weekend’s shenanigans I can get back to basics and start trying some products. Hang with me on Instagram if you miss me, I pony regularly there.


Photos of the Isadora event was taken by Polly <3

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