Urea, I found it!

Urea, I found it!

CCS started in 1979 in the Swedish city Borlänge and is the producer of Sweden’s and England’s most sold foot cream. The brand both sells their own products as well as manifacture others.

I was invited to a exclusive press breakfast for the brands relaunch of their new profile and boost of their most selling products in new packaging by the well known firm Juno PR. It was, as most of the firms events, very thoughtful and well executed consisting of both facts and fun! What else do a blogger like myself need?!

We were told that our heals has the thickest skin and the skin under our feets is the only spot on our body that has no hair due to lacking of sebaceous gland. Which means that our feets don’t produce any natural fat and needs to be manually moisturized by us.

Karbamid (urea) is said to be the skins natural moisturizing factor. A dry skin is a sign of low karbamid values as well as nmf factors. It’s a important for binding water in our bodies as it moisturizes and enhances the skin’s barrier.

In water it (karbamid) hydrolizes into amoniac and has been extracted from urin since 1821.

For the ones with extra dry feets it’s recommended that you take footbaths prior to moisturizing your skin as our nails tend to soak all moist from our skin so a trick is also to soak ones nails prior to cutting it.

I love attending events that also increases my knowledge and isn’t just held for the sake of hosting an event. As I’m very selective in which events I attend I’m always happy when brand do presentations like this. A part from this, CCS is also the brand behind the Indy beauty products which I’ve written about before. Hope you read the posts.!

Fun facts! Did you know that the skin has ca 4,5 ph value.

Well I’ll do a short review of the products I’ve tested so far on my blog next week. Knock yourself out with the reading and go to my insta for a sneak peek!


Ps. This post was written before I decided to write in Swedish.

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