Vita liberata, tanning made luxurious!

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Vita liberata, a multi award winning luxury tanning and beauty brand founded by Alyson Hogg 2003 with ecological, natural and syntethic ingredients. The brand has tanning products for both face and body that consists of traditional lotions, mousse, serum, overnight mask and powder.

Thou Vita liberata has it’s ground in tanning they have also ventured into skincare and makeup. As well as products with spf to ensure the all around coverage as tanning products don’t consist of a cover for sun and UV radiation.

Photo borrowed by Vita liberata

Was told that one can use the mousse and use white linen without worrying about stains in the morning as the product absorbs quickly. This is kind of revolutionary as most products don’t offer that ability and we are told (in school for becoming a tanning artist) to inform our clients to use dark clothes and linen after using tanning products!

One thing I’m not sure if you all know of is that I also do spray tanning and I try to encourage more people of color to try it as it gives this amazing glow to the skin and actually stays longer on darker skins. How great isn’t that?! I’ve also posted recently about another tanning brand and will try both to hopefully be able to compare the results. However I’m all ready leaning towards using Vita liberata more as it’s also has spray tan products, which I can use for work too!

Vita liberata is distributed by Christian Hallberg AB in Sweden who also has brands such as Kiss NY Pro, Noxi doxi and more. NKD skin is the follow up brand from Vita Liberata, which has a lower price range.

To read more about these products or to shop, click here.

A little background about DHA

DHA is dehydrating so the skin might feel a bit dry after any type of tanning with tanning products, therefor it’s important to moisturize well afterwards. The substance is made from vegetable glycerin found in sugar beet and is a natural sugar substance. One can also attain higher levels of DHA by eating fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, krill and herring, as well as fish liver oil. However one needs to eat a ridiculous amount of it to see effects on ones skin.

Read more about DHA by clicking here.


Ps. Write this a while back hence why it’s in english. Future post will all be in Swedish

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